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Are you among the many who are struggling to get a mobile phone contract just because you have a bad credit record?

This is your time to exhale since we have a valid alternative that will help you get just what you need.

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You no longer need to make multiple applications sending them to network providing companies that will decline your request.

We have been able to grant the wishes of more and more individuals who have turned to us requesting for a good mobile despite their record of bad credit history. We do not seek to give unreasonable demands but work with our clients to ensure that the deal they receive is one that matches their financial capabilities. This means that we have dedicated staff who will review your current situation before offering you the deals available for your case.

/// Are there high end smart phones for bad credit customers?

The first thing to understand about high end and latest smart phones is that they are usually high priced. They are also on demand and many are willing to pay up huge amount just to land the latest smart phone in their pocket. These phones are usually not made available for individuals who have a bad credit record. The reason for this is due to the price attached. For an individual who is recovering from bad debt situation, it would be unreasonable to have him pay high monthly installments for a phone contract. Most likely they will struggle with the repayment as required. However, with an average cost mobile phone contract, the repayment may be easy to make as this one repairs their credit history.

/// How can one get a contract phone with bad credit?

When you apply for a contract phone, there are 3 possible outcomes. You either get your application approved since you have passed the credit check, you are asked to pay an upfront fee for the contract you want, or your application is declined. For most who have a bad credit history and do not observe their applications keenly, they are usually declined. However, a smart application is easily approved despite your bad credit history record.

We are delighted in seeing our customer succeed in having the mobile contract deals that they require. This is usually possible if you follow the guidelines provided when applying for a mobile contract. The guidelines include:

  1. Make sure that you are registered or have a credit history. This can be made easy by registering on the electoral roll.
  2. Select cheaper phone models rather than fighting for the expensive and latest models. Selecting high cost phones increases your chances of getting a decline on your application.
  3. If you get a decline due to your bad credit record, don’t keep trying making numerous applications. This usually further hurts your credit record. Reapplying leaves a mark on your record that is recognizable by all providers whom you will visit for a mobile phone contract
  4. Ensure that you have a proper bank account in place. Sadly, many with a bad credit history have no proper bank account with a credit or debit card. This is usually the basis for making payments for the contract thus making it a necessity.

/// What if my applications have been declined?

When you have sent one or two applications which have been declined; it is time to take a different approach to phone contract ownership. You should refrain from the nee to visit other network providers just to try and see if your application will be approved. This action could even leave a more damaging record in your credit history.

The best approach to take is to start up with a SIM only contract. The approval rates of this contract are usually high. Though this will not help you to get a contract phone in the future, it works great in helping you repair your history. You may have had plans to throw away your old phone to get a new stylish one. While the thought of getting a SIM only contract may not be thrilling or even close to what you had in mind, it will prove to be the best course to take up. What’s good is the fact that you may not necessarily have to use the old phone for more that six months and you will be able to take up a new phone contract.

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